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Honey Bee News

Honey Bee
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  1. FACT CHECK: Is Home Depot Selling Plants Treated with Bee-Harming Neonicotinoid Pesticides?  Snopes.com

    The company pledged in 2015 to phase out the class of pesticides over concerns that they harmed bee populations.

  2. Protecting Pollinators: Updated RT25 Data Helps Beekeepers and Farmers  The National Law Review

    Environmental Protection Agency EPA to update RT25 Data table. Information helps beekeepers and farmers know how long specific pesticides remain toxic in...

  3. Latest ecological fake news scare: Like the 'honeybee armageddon' narrative, pesticide-driven 'insect-pocalypse' claim is collapsing  Genetic Literacy Project

    The 'bee-pocalypse' was an exaggerated fiction grounded in genuine concerns. The 'insect-pocalypse' is more of the same.

  4. Mix of pesticide and fungicide suspected cause of bee deaths in California almond groves  Cronkite News

    Researchers blame a toxic mixture of a pesticide and fungicide for the death of thousands of honeybees shipped to California in 2014.

  5. Commercial honeybees threaten to displace Utah's native bees  High Country News

    Although a beehive adorns Utah's state seal, honeybees are not native to the “Beehive State.” They arrived in Utah with Mormon settlers, who held the honeybee...

  6. Not Just Bumble and Honey: Ground Nesting Bees Impaired by Neonicotinoid Exposure  Beyond Pesticides

    (Beyond Pesticides, March 19, 2019) Research is beginning to explain how systemic neonicotinoid insecticides affect often overlooked species of ground...

  7. Pesticides influence ground-nesting bee development and longevity: Study explores little-understood effects of soil exposure on subterranean colonies  Science Daily

    Results from a new study suggest that bees might be exposed to pesticides in more ways than we thought, and it could impact their development significantly.