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Honey Bee News

Honey Bee
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  2. National Geographic

    How Humans Are Messing Up Bee Sex
    National Geographic
    During her nuptial flights, the honeybee queen accumulates sperm in a special chamber in her abdomen called the spermatheca. She'll use that genetic material throughout her life to produce workers—fertilized eggs develop into females, while ...

  3. Poland: Activists protest use of pesticide harmful to bees
    Greenpeace activists put up a stall outside the ministry that had vegetables to illustrate the value of bees and spread a banner with bees and the word "Help" on it. They say the value of honey produced by bees in Poland and of naturally pollinated ...

  4. IFLScience

    France Just Introduced World's Toughest Ban On Bee-Harming Pesticides
    France just told neonicotinoid pesticides to buzz off. On Saturday, they introduced a new law banning the use of five neonicotinoid pesticides, a controversial family of neurotoxins linked to the decline of honey bees and other crop-pollinating insects ...

  5. Genetic Literacy Project

    Viewpoint: No, wild bees haven't been decimated by neonicotinoids, glyphosate
    Genetic Literacy Project
    A 2014 report in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ETC) reviewed bee health over multiple years and reached a similar conclusion: “The epidemiological evidence from Europe shows no correlation of honeybee losses to pesticide use and ...

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  6. WCBD News 2

    The Importance of Honey Bees
    WCBD News 2
    CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Roughly two years ago, millions of honey bees in Dorchester county died after an aerial spray of a mosquito killing pesticide was used to control a growing population. Rather than ignoring the problem, Boone Hall Farms sought ...

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  7. Agribusiness Global (press release) (blog)

    How Higher Tier Testing Would Answer the Neonicotinoid Question
    Agribusiness Global (press release) (blog)
    The PMRA began studying the pesticides in 2012 in response to concerns about the impact on honey bees. However, it was the results of a subsequent study in 2016 that highlighted the impact on aquatic invertebrates and led to the decision to ban the ...