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Tips & Tricks
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How to light a beekeeping smoker


So many people ask us how we light our beekeeping smokers and keep them lit. This video will tell you how to light it, what fuel to use and how to keep it smoking all day long.

Laying worker in queen cell
We were working hives today and found one of the splits didn't have a queen that made it back into the hive (it happens). So a queenless hive but what was weird was it had a couple of queen cells. We dissected the queen cells to find laying workers can lay in a queen cell also....two larvae swimming in royal jelly.....pretty wild! No other brood larvae or eggs laid in the hive.

Beekeeping field day in Rogersville, MO



Field days with our local bee club (Beekeepers Association of the Ozarks) are one of the best ways to learn beekeeping. This short video shows some of the demonstrations. In the video Jeff Maddox leads the demonstration and goes through a lot of common mysteries while doing a few hive inspections here in late March.  This is a good example of things you can learn at field days...

Left Winter Rim on to long



There are many things that are important to do early in the spring. In an earlier article Preparing For Winter 101 we discussed activities and changes we make to our hives to help them survive the winter. One of those activities is to add a winter rim and that article included a reminder not to leave on your winter rim to long.