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Bee Removal
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Millwood Honey Bee Rescue

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 The board at the Millwood Golf & Rackett Club had some complaints about honey bees in the decorative towers. They wanted to save the bees so Jeff and I did the rescue. Since there were three colonies in the tower it took us three days to safely remove all of the bees. Enjoy the video and image galleries below.

Bee truck at removal

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 This was a unique rescue for us with two colonies in two different walls of a small side house / shed. These bees had been in the walls of this shed for a long time and its interesting how each colony decides which way to draw their combs. Check out our galley below...

Honey bee colony in apartment complex

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The Coryell Courts Apartments called asking for help with a honeybee issue. They wanted to save the bees and to make sure they were rescued professionally. Since there was no access from the outside, we had to go through a tenets ceiling.

Open air honey bee hive

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It’s unusual to find open air hives in southwest Missouri, mainly because the winters just don’t allow them to survive. They are usually swarms that stop trying to find a home in a cavity or tree and just build right where they land. This year we have dealt with three of them, two under overhangs on building and this one in a tree.

Removing bees while working on a step ladder can be a challenge especially when the bees are snarky!

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 This south Springfield home has these wonderful covered patios that unfortunately were constructed with a big enough cavity to support a colony of honey bees. These bees were very defensive or “snarky” as we like to use in polite company.

Honey bee removal from the end of floor joists... tight fit!

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 This colony in Miller, MO had taken up residence in the floor joists near the fireplace. The colony was very large and not easily accessible.