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digital camera movie

Minutes after taking care of the swarm on the roof of Cox Hospital we got a call about another swarm two blocks away at another Cox building. This was a unique swarm, it was spread out all over the asphalt of the parking lot around cars. We believe the swarm landed on the hood of a car and then for some reason fell to the ground. Most people do not realize that it is not unusual for a swarm to land on the front of a car in fact its quite common. In this case the maintenance man believe in A Future With Bees and did not try to kill the bees. What he did do was make some sort of sugar water and spread it on the ground to give them food, not needed but appreciate his desire to help and not harm.

Upon arriving we had this huge spread of honeybees on the ground and a bunch moving toward the tire/rim of a neighboring car. Luckily Jeff walked right up near the tire and saw the queen on the ground. He picked her up and put her in a queen cage. So very lucky! We set a hive near the tire and put the queen (in her cage) on the entrance landing to the hive and shielded her from the harsh sun.

Like a miracle the bees lifted their butts and started fanning her pheromones to all the bees and they flowed like water walking to the entrance to the hive. Jeff then put her in the hive inside her cage and they continued to flow inside. We left the hive for a hour or so and came back to a hived colony of bees.


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Composition of several videos showing how much honeybees use pheromones: