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digital camera movie

So after going to a wake for a dear friend; my girlfriend, daughter and a friend of hers were on our way to dinner in Ash Grove. When we got the text and pictures of a swarm in Mt Vernon. So I quickly turned around and sped home to get my honeybee swarm ready truck. It was evening and a big storm was heading our way quickly. The girls followed me in their car and off we went to Mt Vernon. When we got to the church the pastor was there waiting in his car. I explained to him that this was a bee swarm and not to be scared of them. He tentatively listened to me and I got ready to work.

Using another box I put my hive under the spot light with the swarm and donned a head net since we were meeting people later and my girlfriend didn't want me to arrive all swollen from stings. These ladies were not eager to sting anyway so it was a wasted precaution. I quickly brushed them into the box and the immediately went inside.

Below the gallery is two videos, one showing the entire capture (thanks to the pastor) and the other one again shows the ladies fanning to draw the rest of the bees to the hive. It was an easy capture thank goodness since I was in dockers, button-up short sleeve shirt and dress shoes. After it was dark I went back and picked up the hive. So far these ladies are doing great.


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