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digital camera movie

We got a call about a swarm on a fence in the back yard near the railroad tracks. Jeff was unavailable so Rob was on his own. The swarm was a very nice size colony but i didn't have anything to get high enough to the swarm to place my hive. The homeowner wasn't home so I improvised and used the empty rolling trash can. it was almost a perfect height.

I had to carefully pull the trellis away first, luckily it wasn't connected to anything and the honeybees mostly stayed with the main group on the fence. I leaned the hive against the fence and brushed the honey bees into the hive. I then put the entrance of the hive close to the wall and let the girls send their pheromones out to attract the other bees. Below the image gallery is a great video of the girls fanning at the hive entrance. Unfortunately the good news ends there, while I did capture the hive successfully these girls didn't like their new home and decided to swarm away again for one of Jeff's apiary's.  Personally I blame Jeff  ; - )


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Great video showing how the honey bees fan pheromones to attack the rest of the bees: