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Tree with honeybee swarm

 digital camera movie

Yesterday we got a swarm call and I did the retrieval since Jeff was busy. Jeff previously worked with the homeowner on a bee-tree that was in their yard.Last year they decided to leave the bees in the tree and so this year the tree pushed off a nice big swarm.

The swarm had been hanging in the tree for 3 days of heavy rain, wind and crazy weather. I called the land owner this morning and he said the swarm was about 8 feet up in the tree. Unfortunately I have learned the hard way that most people underestimate heights and I brought my little giant ladder to the removal. In this case I was correct, the swarm was about 14-15 feet in the air and I had to extend the ladder all the way up to get to the swarm.

I put the box on the ground below the ladder and climbed up to snip the limb where the bees were attached. These pesky ladies kept going up and clumping up on the limbs so I actually had to cut them down 3 times. Enjoy the photo gallery and videos below.


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