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Fall Honey Bee Preparation

digital camera   movie

Winter preparation is a bit overwhelming and stressful for the beginner and this course will help newer beekeepers with lessons learned, how to's and even what not to do's. In this 101 course the article and video below show how we prepare for winter here in Southwest Missouri.

Honeybee hives in the apiary

I often get questions that go something like this: Is it alright to add a brood box above a super? Or, I only have supers, can I use those as brood boxes? People are worried about whether they are using the "right" size of box.

This is a concern for people, not bees. The bees don't care what size the boxes are. They don't get their little tape measures out and measure the box height and say "Well, this is a deep box, so we must use it for brood". Or, "this is a western style medium box, so we must only store honey it it". They perceive a space, not a box size.

Flooded out hive in fence row

digital cameramovie

I like to place bee yards close to rivers and streams because the bees have the water they need to raise brood and cool the hives and these aquatic corridors also offer a wealth of resources. They are a swath of ground full of wildflowers and trees all season long. It works well for me......most of the time.

Friday, May 29th, it rained a little more than 3 inches in a very short time. It came down hard. I live across a dry bridge where the water will come over the bridge when we get more than an inch rain in a short time. It happens about 3-4 times a year and generally subsides in half a day or so.