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Bee Removal
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Bees in the soffit

digital cameramovie

 We got a call from a local salvage yard with an issue of a colony living inside their building. Jeff was on vacation so I went to check out the situation. They explained to me that bees were in the backroom and that they were flying out to the front where the customers came into the building. They had concerns over a customer getting stung by the bees in the office. Apparently there used to be a bee tree on the property and the owner like having the bees around. Lucky for us a very bee friendly guy, but the tree had fallen down several years ago and it had to be removed.

Bees in the floor

digital cameramovie

 We got a call from a friend who was doing a removal and it got bigger than he could handle on his own. This hive was massive and required a different approach. Steve's call for assistance was very warranted, my gosh this was a big colony and it was really hard to get to the comb. Let me first describe the house, it was a cantilever design that sat on the edge of a bluff and the house hung out over the side.

New comb

digital camera

This is a collection of removals from 2014. We have removed the bees safely and protected the home or business from future bee occupations.

Killing the bees and sealing the hive entrance is NOT the answer. The dead bees, honey and protein-rich pollen will decay within the walls causing structural damage. Furthermore, the honey and pollen will attract more bees and many nuisance species including ants, cockroaches and raccoons. We took the bees out of these buildings and away from the property's quickly, safely and efficiently.