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Bee Removal
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Wavy honeybee comb on a commercial removal

digital camera   

 This apartment complex in Joplin, MO was doing spring maintenance and repairs when they found this colony of honey bees. These bees built some of the neatest wavy comb structures. Enjoy the gallery!

Property manager overcame here fear of the bees, yay!

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 Township 28 in Springfield, MO had a small colony of bees move into the office lobby. Unfortunately they were located high up in the wall behind roof supports for the front porch.

Honey bee removal frame with queen cells on the comb

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 The homeowner was selling this beautiful home near Hickory Hills golf course. Removal of the bee colony was a requirement to closing on the house. The bees were in the soffit on the back of the house in full shade and unfortunately way high up in the air.

Honey bees in a wall of a house ready for removal

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 This hive was removed from central Springfield, MO and the bees were very calm / easy to work. Wish all removals went this smoothly....the honey was delishous!

Lockwood MO Tree Cutout

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 A local farmer in Lockwood Missouri had a bee tree (of over 10 years) that broke during a recent wind storm. Lucky for us he wanted to save the bees and gave a local Conservation Dept friend a call. The following gallery shows our steps through saving this swarm on a cool day in April (wind was brutal). So far the hive is doing great with 3 deeps on it already. We want to save these great genetics.

Bees in a cutout log

digital cameramovie

A local tree trimming service called to say there was a hive inside a log that was already cut down. They had cut through the center of the brood nest accidentally and the log had hit the ground fairly hard. There was not much comb to save but there was a good number of bees still inside the log.