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Bee Swarms
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Hive setup to capture honeybee swarm

digital camera

We got a call about a swarm in a small crab apple tree. I arrived to find this small group of bees that had been hanging on this tree for 2 days and through a huge storm with very heavy winds, rain and even tornado warnings.The girls were very calm but had been through a lot and I figured they were leaving to make a home somewhere quickly. This was an easy capture since they really wanted a new home.

Trellis backyard honeybee swarm

digital cameramovie

We got a call about a swarm on a fence in the back yard near the railroad tracks. Jeff was unavailable so Rob was on his own. The swarm was a very nice size colony but i didn't have anything to get high enough to the swarm to place my hive. The homeowner wasn't home so I improvised and used the empty rolling trash can. it was almost a perfect height.

Maple tree honey bee swarm

digital cameramovie

I got an early wake up call from one of the swarm capture lists. The young man was cautious and sounded a little bit nervous. As I was later to learn he was very allergic to bees and he was nervous about how much it would cost to remove the swarm. I informed him if it was a swarm and not a removal it would be free of charge. Since it was the 3rd week of June I was surprised to get a swarm call so I quickly jumped in the truck and took off towards Aurora, MO.