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Swarm caught using a pole & bucket


If you capture many swarms you will learn a few things are always true: 1. sometimes the swarms leave before you get there; 2. they are not always going to be honeybees; 3. and sometimes the swarm is just to high in they tree to reach easily. Its the facts of chasing bees, not all of them want to cooperate or land in a easy spot for us to capture. We have seen swarms on all kinds of things:cooling ducts, fences, trees, light fixtures, the ground and even cars. These wonderful insects dont always cooperate but here is a simple trick to get the ones up high.

    Swarm caught using a pole & bucket    Swarm caught using a pole & bucket   swarm dumped into the hive

A roll of duct tape, a sturdy extension pole and a bucket, especially late in the day or evening, can make it look easy. If you need more reach you can use a ladder or in this case I stood on a truckbox in the back of my truck. Just remember to positon the bucket and then knock the limb hard/sharp to knock them inside. All that is left is to then pour them into a hive like water.

Check the video out below... (Hint - tape/strap the bucket TIGHT lol)

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